Fitness Fridays: Quick and Killer Ab Workout

Hi everyone and happy Friday!

This week for my Fitness Friday post I have a quick ab workout which can be done anywhere!  I love to do this ab workout after a cardio session of running or spinning to help balance out my workout a little bit!  

While this ab workout may not take long to complete it is tough, because there is no break at all.  This workout is designed to burn your abs out quickly.  While you aren't supposed to take any breaks remember not to sacrifice your form!  If you form is falling apart because your muscles are tired then it is time for a break!

For this workout you are going to need some kind of timer or the clock.  I used the app Interval Timer and I highly suggest it for this workout and any other interval based workouts you do!

Quick and Killer Ab Workout:

  • 40 seconds: leg lifts
  • 15 seconds: sit ups
  • 40 seconds: plank
  • 15 seconds: sit ups
  • 40 seconds: vertical toe taps
  • 15 seconds: sit ups
  • 40 seconds: ab bikes
  • 15 seconds: sit ups
  • 40 seconds: mountain climbers
  • 15 seconds: sit ups

Rest one minute and then repeat once more if you like!  Try to stretch out your abs during your one minute break.  One note on the sit ups - you will only be able to do a few in a 15 seconds, the point of these is to continue to keep your abs engaged while giving you a tiny "break" from the more intense ab exercises. 

Exercises explains:

  • Leg Lifts - Lie face up on the floor and raise your legs perpendicular to the floor, with an ever so slight bend in your knees.  Place your hands under your butt to support your lower back.  Lower your legs slowly until they are as closer to the floor as possible, without actually touching the floor. Then raise your legs to the starting position.
  • Plank - Place your hands directly under your shoulders and ground your toes into the floor.  Squeeze your glutes to stabilize and neutralize your neck.  Hold this position.
  • Vertical toe taps - Lay on your back and lift your legs perpendicular to the floor.  Life yourself using your core and try to touch your toes while keeping your legs still. 
  • Ab bikes - Bring your opposite elbow to opposite knee and alternate from side to side.  Kick one leg out straight as you switch sides. 
  • Mountain climbers - Get into a plank position.  Without changing your posture, bring your right knee towards you chest, then return it to starting position and bring your left knee towards your chest.  Increase intensity by increasing the speed of the movement. 

Let me know how the workout goes if you try it!