Lean Legs Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Hi everyone and happy Friday!

Since I'm on vacation at the beach it hardly even feels like Friday because all the days just blend together!  It has been so nice to get away from the office for a couple days and just relax.  However, one thing I have been missing down here is my gym!  I'm not a huge runner because I've had knee problems since my competitive tennis days in high school, and running more than a couple miles multiple days in a row will leave me with some serious hurting knees!  Thus, I've had to create some bodyweight and HIIT workouts that I have been able to do here at the beach house!  I wanted to share one of these workouts - which focuses on legs - with all of you, because who doesn't want some motivation to workout those legs??

This workout is structured as an interval workout so that not only does it seriously target those leg muscles, but it also gets your heart pumping like crazy! For this workout you are going to need some sort of timer or a clock with a seconds hand.  My suggestion is an app called 'IntervalTimer'.  It is perfect for setting different timers in your workouts so you know when to switch moves!

Workout structure:  There are 8 different leg moves, which you should do for 30 seconds each.  In between each of the leg moves there will be 15 legs of cardio.  You can choose between jog in place, high knees and air jump rope for those 15 seconds.  Make sure to pick one which will really get your heart pumping!


**Don't forget the 15 seconds of cardio [jump rope, jog in place or high knees] between each of these leg moves!

  • 30 seconds normal squats
  • 30 seconds narrow squats
  • 30 seconds jump squats
  • 30 seconds reverse lunge right
  • 30 seconds reverse lunge left
  • 30 seconds single leg lunge jump right
  • 30 seconds single leg lunge jump left
  • 30 seconds burpees

Woo!  Take a minute break and then repeat this set 2 more times (for a total of three times) and you have a quick but extremely effective leg workout! If you need clarification on any of these moves, then check out the pictures below!

1. Normal Squats

2. Narrow Squats 

3. Jump squats 

4. Single Leg lunge Jump 

5. Reverse lunge

8. Burpee

Let me know how it goes :)