Tips for Shopping the Lilly After Party Sale


#1 Be there at 7:50 AM ready to go

The sale officially starts at 8 AM, and trust me it is a stampede mad rush for the best items.   Remember when you sprinted and almost knocked over the girl next to you during to the Lilly for Target rush?  Yeah, it’s the online version of that pretty much.  Set an alarm, whether it is a wake up alarm or an alarm to remind yourself to sneak away to a conference room by yourself at work.

#2 Create an account beforehand

If you don’t already have one, you can create an account here.  Make sure you fill in the correct shipping information, and keep in mind that items may not arrive for 2-3 weeks.

#3 Log into your account the night before (aka NOW!)

 FYI You will not be able to log into your account between 6:30-8am ET on August 22.   This means if you don’t log in tonight then you losing out on time tomorrow morning!

#3 Call your local store if an item online isn’t available in your size

The corporate Lilly Pulitizer stores are also participating in the sale!  That means you have a second chance if you the item you absolutely fell in love with is only available in a size that is 4 sizes away from yours.  Call your local Lilly Pulitzer store ASAP and ask if they have the item available.

#4: Use multiple devices

That’s right, make sure that iPad is all charged up because this is its opportunity for a time to shine!  I am normally at work when the sale goes live, so I typically stick to using my computer and iPhone, but I have definitely seen loading issues in the past on one device or the other, so it is super helpful to be using both.  You can shop the sale using the iOS app, so make sure to download that beforehand!

#5 Narrow your search by your size

Save time by only looking at items which still have or size available.  Once you have made all of your selections by narrowing to your size, then I would suggest glancing back through everything to see if there are any items you can to call your local store about!

#6 Place individual orders (sometimes)

This one can be a little tricky and depends on the case, but if you find an item you are really passionare about and will be devastated to not get, go ahead and place an individual order! Just because something is in your cart doesn’t mean it is yours!  The downfall of placing individual orders is that is can waste time and place you back at the end of the line, which is why many people don’t suggest it.  I think this is another great reason to be using multiple devices.  If you find an item you love, then purchase it and then default to you second device!

#7 Keep in mind what you are looking for and your budget

Go into the sale with a couple items in mind that you know you are looking for.  This will help you from getting distracted and allow you to get what you truly wanted!  During a sale it is easy to get carried away, so just try to set some items and budget limits in advance!

Best of luck tomorrow Lilly shoppers!