One Piece Swim Suit from Adore Me

So I'll be the first to admit that I have always been a lover of two piece bathing suits, and I had hardly ever even thought of purchasing a one piece bathing suit.  However, my attitude towards one piece swimsuits has completely changed over the past year, and I am even starting to prefer them!  What changed my mind?  Well there are a couple reasons why I have recently fallen in love with one piece bathing suits...

#1 Fun Style Variety of One Piece Swimsuits  

One of my favorite things about one piece swimsuits are the variety of different cut options there are.  This swimsuit I am wearing has the absolute CUTEST open back cut, and this cut would simply not be possibly with a two piece swimsuit.  Likewise,  other one piece swimsuits often feature interest mesh cut outs or plunging necklines, all which are not possibilities for the two piece bathing suit!

#2 Offers more comfort and flexibility for the beach

The other main reason I have begun to love the one piece swimsuit is because of the practicality it offers on the beach.  With one piece swimsuits I no longer have to worry about adjusting my straps or watching out for my straps coming undone.  Since I am also still a child at heart, I do enjoy playing in the waves in the ocean and body surfing, which doesn't exactly work well with a two piece bathing suit!

What do you guys prefer?  Are you lovers of the one piece, two piece or both?  

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