Top Tips for Dressing for Fall in Hot Weather


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Today is officially the last day of summer, but many of use wouldn’t guess that tomorrow is the start of fall based on the hot temperatures we are still experiencing!  I know I am not the only one who has been craving fall clothes.  However, even the most diehard fall fans don’t want to be dripping in sweat the second they step outside!  I wanted to provide you all with my top 5 styling tips on dressing for fall even when the weather is still bringing you summer temperatures!

#1: Wear a pair of OTK boots with your favorite dress

I am a huge fan of OTK boots because they instantly add so much to any outfit!  Many of us have been pairing booties with our favorite dresses in order to achieve a bit of a fall vibe, but swapping out the booties for a pair of OTK boots will bring you a lot more fall satisfaction!

#2 Bring out the fall fabrics, but bear some skin

What fabrics to I mean here? I’m talking about leather, suede, velvet, etc!  You can wear these fabrics and still stay cool when you are bearing skin.  I have been seeking out skirts in these fabrics and then pairing them with lightweight blouses to help me stay cool.

#3 Get rid of the sleeves

On the note of bearing some skin, there are tons of cute sleeveless sweaters and vests which can seriously give you the fall vibe you want.  One of my go to recent looks has been a sleeveless sweater, jeans, and booties.  

#4 Add fall accessories like a wool hat or lightweight scarf

Who doesn’t love a floppy wool hat?  I’m obsessed with these and they absolutely scream fall.  These hats are the perfect addition to a swing dress (or variety of outfits as well).  I also recommend find lightweight scarves that contain fall colors.

#5 Seek out fall colors and patterns

Olive, burgundy, blush and camel have all been big for this fall.  Simply wearing a dress in olive instead of your favorite summer color can instantly make your outfit feel fall ready.  Likewise, I have also been loving a black on black look.  It allows me to skip the hot layers, but definitely feels like it is ready for cooler weather.  Likewise, plaid is always a crowd favorite in fall.  While your plaid flannels might still be too warm, there is plenty of lightweight plaid out there!

Hope these tips were helpful!  Would love you hear any additional tips you all might have :)

Have a great rest of your Wednesday! 

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