How to Wear Black in the Summer

Hi everyone and happy Wednesday!

Romper: Nordstrom (MAJOR SALE) // Earrings: similar here and here // Shoes: similar here // Purse:Tory Burch // Bracelets: Target

While I clearly am a lover color and white dresses in the summertime, I’ll admit that sometimes I begin to feel a bit of longing for the chic and flattering elements that a black outfit provides.  Thus, I can’t resist mixing in a black outfit at the office or out and about on the weekends to mix up my normal colorful palette.  Since I am sure many of you are also missing the benefits of black, I’ve included my top 3 tips for styling black during the summer!

Tip #1: Consider your fabrics

                Overall, I recommended sticking lightweight fabrics.  My black romper above is both breezy and lightweight, and I didn’t have to worry about getting too hot at all! However, this doesn’t mean some of the heavier fabrics are completely off limits.  I would avoid fabrics will wool or velvet altogether and save those for winter, but fabrics like leather and denim have tons of options for summer. 

If you are interested in styling a black item with a heavier fabric, the key here is to try pairing it with a lightweight fabric.  For example, a pair of leather shorts (shorts option here or here) and a lightweight t-shirt (t-shirt option here) would make a great summer outfit!  Black jeans whether it be pants or shorts, are another one of my favorites, and you can style these for the summer as well!

Tip #2: Go bold with your shoes or accessories

                Going bold here can mean adding pops of color with your accessories (like a pink purse or a pair of yellow tassel earrings), but it definitely doesn’t have to.   You can still keep it neutral with pairing a bold accessory.  Come ideas include: bold (but neutral) earrings, strappy or lace up sandals (examples here or here or here) or a black floppy hat (example here).

                In my look above, I kept it neutral with but incorporated bold accessories with my gold tassels earrings.  I am also wearing black lace up sandals (which also have tassels!)  These sandals have quickly become my one of my favorites this summer, and they are the perfect addition to bring an element of fun to this black outfit.

Tip #3: Bare some skin where you can

                Nothing says summer like showing some skin!  Black crop tops (example here or here) are a great addition to a summer wardrobe.  A look with a black crop top and a black high waisted skirt (example here) is ideal for bringing a chic black look into the summer.  Crop tops would also be great with a pair of high waisted black jeans!

                If crop tops aren’t your thing, don’t worry, there are plenty of other options for showing some skin!  You can stick with something items with thin straps (like the romper I am wearing or a dress).  This is also an opportunity to wear one of this summer’s trends like the off the shoulder top (example here or here) or cut outs (example here).

Hope this was helpful for crafting your black summer outfits.  What are some of your tips for styling black in the summer?  I would love to here your tips as well!

Have a great rest of your Wednesday!